You hear about it all over the place but the question is: Can bankruptcy help me? Are you behind in your mortgage, behind on credit card and car payments? Are you being relentlessly harassed by creditors and donít know what to do next? Many people begin to consider bankruptcy when they have to make a choice between paying the mortgage or rent and paying their creditors. If late mortgage payments are the problem, bankruptcy can allow you to deal with late mortgage payments, get current on your mortgage and erase or dramatically lower credit card debt.

Sometimes it's just a matter of discharging oppressive credit card debt so that you can pay the necessary bills such as rent, food and utilities.

You do not have to live in fear because of financial troubles! If you are experiencing any or ALL of the problems mentioned here, give my office a call and come in for a free consultation. Often, but not always, bankruptcy is the perfect tool to deal with these issues. We can decide if filing bankruptcy would be the appropriate solution to your financial problems.