Partial Verdict List

A tile setter arrived for work at a construction site early in the morning. He stepped into a hole that was partially blocked from his vision. He suffered a knee injury requiring surgery. The insurance company offered only $20,000 to settle the case stating that he should have been more careful when he entered the building. The case went to trial and the jury awarded the tile setter $325,000

A woman was employed in the kitchen of a hospital. The kitchen had a pipe that had been leaking water onto the floor. The employees had been notified about the leaking pipe and reminded to mop water up off the floor to keep the area safe. The woman slipped on the wet floor straining her lower back. The insurance company alleged that the woman should have been more careful and taken precautions to prevent her fall. The jury awarded her $150,000

A truck driver was assaulted by a Home Improvement store employee while making a delivery. The defendant offered $60,000 to settle the case. The jury awarded the truck driver $112,000 for damages and cost.

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